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Analyze financial data such as Federal Reserve meeting minutes quickly and easily to gain insights on the Fed's thoughts on the economy and be ahead of the curve.

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Federal Open Market Committee

Please select a product below to begin analyzing the minutes released by the Federal Reserve.

Top Words

View top words used by the Fed in their minutes corresponding to what they talk most about.


Topic Proportions

View how each meeting's minutes are divided up with regard to how much time is spent on each topic discussed.


Moving Average of Similarity

View the moving average of change from one meeting to the several previous meetings.

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Alan Grunwald
Data Scientist

Alan Grunwald is a Data Scientist who enjoys looking at the world from a different perspective. Attending NYU and majoring in Economics has helped him learn to make sense of complex systems, such as the global economy, and brings that understanding with him to everything he does. He also enjoys reading books and listening to podcasts in order to broaden his knowledge and perspectives, as well as taking courses through Coursera and EdX, such as Financial Engineering and Computational Investing.

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